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We are community based fitness…

At Enact Wellness Solutions, we believe that health happens together.

When we sweat together, something special happens; we raise each other up, stretch what is possible and work as a team to meet our goals.

We all want to look and feel our best, but how do you get there?

We say find something you love and stick with it.

We offer a wide variety classes and promise you will discover one, if not many, that you will like. Getting in shape can be fun and inspiring – and even make you laugh. Our certified instructors educate, entertain, and keep you engaged during your workouts so that you will reach your fitness goals naturally.

We take your workout personally…

Your health is your own – our job is to help you own it. The fitness and health club industry is always touting the latest and greatest fitness trends, but the best workout is the one you love and that loves you back.

At Enact Wellness Solutions, we take our role as coach and cheerleader seriously.

You deserve instructors that you can relate to and who know how to personalize each workout to your specific goals. Our instructors were members of our community first, they have been where you are and understand the struggles.

Fitness trends come and go, but relationships can last a lifetime.

For every part of you…

We only teach what is good for your whole body, never sacrificing your joints or muscle groups for a fad. We only use equipment safely, never positioning you or leveraging weights in a way that could hurt your joints. Our classes support not only strong bodies but strong minds to help you feel your best.

Meet Our Instructors

Jessica White

Jessica is the CEO and founder of Enact Wellness Solutions. Jessica has lost a total of 170 pounds and kept it off for more than fifteen years! She knows what it takes to achieve total health. Following her passion, she began teaching fitness classes of all types eleven years ago and added personal training as her full-time job four years ago. Through visiting different gyms, hearing personal stories, and understanding the needs of others currently not met (not even in the country’s leading gyms), she designed Enact Wellness Solutions to fill the gap.

April Piedimonte

April Piedimonte has had a love of fitness her whole life – playing sports starting at a young age  through college. She understands the value of a healthy lifestyle, but is human and has fallen off the wagon her fair share of times. Jessica has helped April throughout the years to stay focused and to continue growing in her health journey. Because of Jessica’s passion, encouragement and caring, April wants to help others to be able to grow, achieve their goals and feel good about themselves in any stage of life. April enjoys teaching, encouraging others to exceed what they never thought they could and is excited to be a part of the Enact Wellness family.

Tracy Snider

Abby Boschert

Abby Boschert has always loved everything dance and music-related. She trained
for twelve years with Performing Arts Centre here in St. Charles and has a minor
in dance from Benedicine College. Abby has taught dance classes, worked at Pio’s Restaurant and for many years now has had a thriving childcare business. After seeing a commercial for Pound, she immediately knew it would be a good fit for her life. In 2018, after viewing a post about Pound by
Jessica White (then a total stranger) on social media, Abby began attending
classes, and within a few months, completed certification to teach and joined
the Enact faculty. Abby sees teaching at Enact as the perfect complement to her
very full life of raising two active teenagers, being married to a successful home
contractor, and operating her daycare with its many joys and challenges.

Colleen Billing

Staying active and fit has always been a priority for Colleen.  She belonged to many fitness facilities over the years, and that is how she met Jessica.  Jessica was a trainer at a large fitness facility, and Colleen took her classes and eventually started training with her.  Jessica not only helped her achieve her fitness goals but also taught her proper exercise form and improved her posture.  Colleen was one of the original members of EnactWellness, continuing to strive for new fitness goals with Jessica’s guidance.   

Movability, a class specifically designed by Jessica, quickly became her favorite and Colleen is now teaching this class.  Another favorite class of hers is Spin, especially the new Hip-Hop Spin that Jessica also designed (great cardio workout mixed in with some fun moves).  Outside of Enact, Colleen enjoys biking, hiking, and busting a move when the right song is played.

Our Mission is to build a sustainable health and wellness community using a holistic lifestyle approach so members can reach their physical and inner strength goals, as defined by them. 

“I absolutely LOVE this studio and the community of ladies there! Jessica is amazing and won’t let you forget your worth. The classes are crazy fun and always a great workout! ”  

– Shell

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